Professional Service: Lumber Yard, Hardware Store, Building Plans

Steiner Lumber Company provides the construction services and expert advice you would expect from a full-service lumber yard / building center.

Whether you’re building new, performing an exterior makeover, undertaking an interior overhaul, or tackling a simply home repair, Steiner Lumber Company offers the services you need to successfully start-and-finish the job.

Drafing Services: 3D House rendering that appears as blueprint sketches towards one side and transforms into a finished home on the other

House Plans / Drafting Services

Custom homes and buildings begin with custom plans. Whether you come in with ideas or are seeking a couple of starter options, our draftsmen can help you design and develop professional blueprints for your next major construction project. From new house builds and home additions to wrap-around decks and kitchen remodels, our industry experience paired with our technical drafting skills will get you well on your way.

Whether your project is big or small, we will sit down with you to find out exactly what your building needs and desires are. Then we will go to work developing layout options and designs that take your needs, wants, and budget into consideration. We believe our in-house drafting services are the first step in providing you with a full-service experience.

Material Estimating: Building Material Estimation worksheet on clipboard sitting near a laptop computer

Building Material Estimating

Even the best drafted construction plans can leave you with questions.

  • What materials do we need?
  • How much will everything cost?
  • Do we need to account for material over-run?

When you are left with unanswered questions, turn to the experts at Steiner Lumber Company in Sauk Centre. Our material estimators can quickly determine the types of building materials you need, calculate sufficient quantities, and provide an accurate cost breakdown. We can even take our estimating services a couple steps further — assisting with final product selection and providing timely material delivery.

Material Delivery: Flatbed semi trailer loaded with dimensional building lumber

Building Material Delivery

Material delivery is a primary lumber yard function. When your new construction project or home improvement job relies on quality building materials, is on a tight schedule, and on a strict budget, you can count on Steiner Lumber Company to deliver. Our material delivery services aid in cost-effective project flow — keeping your construction project moving in a timely manner.

Material delivery is another component of our full-service experience.

  • Correctly loaded materials based on your order
  • Custom delivery schedules based on your project timeline
  • Material placement / unloading based on your request — driveway, backyard, front yard, rooftop)
  • Fleet of well-maintained delivery trucks of various sizes
  • Boom truck available for roof-top deliveries
  • FREE delivery around our Sauk Centre, Minnesota location
  • Professional delivery for a minimal fee to outlying locations
  • Material delivery available 5-days a week
  • Professional installation available for certain products — contact us to learn more
  • Flexible product return policy on unopened materials as well as overrun pick up if needed

Our experienced warehouse staff and delivery drivers are committed to getting you the right materials, where you need them, and when you need them. When your next construction project rolls around stop in or contact Steiner Lumber Company, we are here to serve you.

See our FAQs page to learn more about our Material Delivery Service Area.

Seamless Gutters: Roll Form Gutter Machine extruding a custom sized rain gutter for installation

Seamless Gutters (Forming / Installation)

Going beyond standard rain gutters, Steiner Lumber Company is able to provide seamless gutters that are truly customized. With the use of our in-house roll form gutter machine we are able to form and cut gutters of any length to match your home’s specific dimensions. Beyond custom forming and delivery, Steiner can also provide professional installation of your new rain gutters. We can also provide outside gutter ordering and delivery if preferred.

Contact us to receive a quote on your new seamless gutters today — we can provide itemized prices on materials with and without installation.